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About Us

Basmallah mal Resources Limited was incorporated in the year 2013. The incorporation was necessitated by the increasing rate of quacks in the construction industry and site project management service . We are professionally disposed to construction and project management. And our operation is usually within the provision of the law; to ensure our clients have the best value for their money and reduce the cost-in-use to them.

Nigerian professionals who have had many years of experience working with high profile multinational organisations and coming together to syndicate their similar background standards in service operations.

Our team comprises of engineers, who are prepared & determined to provide the best service comparable in standard to what is obtainable anywhere in the world, at the most affordable prices.

Areas of Operations: Architectural Design, Construction Economics, Building Construction, G.I.S. Services, Quantity Surveying. Civil and Structural Engineering, Deep Water Dredging, Advance Foundation Technology, Highway / Road Construction, Project Management, Geophysical Services, Solid & Natural Minerals Exploration.

Our business model hinges on eight ethical values which represent the cornerstone of our code of conduct. While achieving these high standards may seems difficult to attain, we nonetheless aspire to live and conduct our business base on these values:


  • Consistently apply diligence, perseverance, attention to detail and good work habits to ensure quality projects products and excellent customer services.
  • Build capabilities through continuous learning, coaching, mentoring and teaching.
  • Never accept complacency or indifference.
  • Remain flexible and open to possibilities.


  • Comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations.
  • Show consideration for the safety and welfare of everybody, including our natural environment.
  • Respond to the impact our work has on the natural environment by consistently evaluating and improving our efforts so that our projects and processes work in harmony with the environment.
  • Cultivate an organisation that actively encourages us to be the best of who we are and continuously strive to make a difference in our communities and the world.
Name Designation
Chief Akinyemi Akinremi Chairman
Akinola Abdulkareem (B.Sc/M.Sc, Struct E, M.N.S.E MD/CEO
Rapheal Obiduba (B.A Phil. M.A Phil) Principal Partner
Hassan Ademoroti (B.Sc Arch, M.Sc Arch) Director of Work
Gboyega Oyediran (B.Sc, M.Sc Econs) Director of Finance
Lateef Alade Director of Logistics
Aminu Waheed Resident Engineer
Abdulkareem Mobrur Company Secretary
  1.  We shall provide contract administration for the duration of contract period.
  2.  We shall perfect site organization structure and establish line of communication as per attached site organizational chart
  3.  We shall provide supervision and inspection during the contract period by providing sufficiently qualified professional members of staff as to be agreed to ensure that the actual work done in accordance with the contract.
  4.  We shall prepare periodic reports on the performance of the contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers including the supervision of the production and execution of the sub-contractor agreements.
  5.  We shall produce project programme of work/progress report periodically.
  6.  We shall carry out project forecasting, planning & scheduling.
  7. We shall take the responsibilities for the procurement of materials and sourcing for work force.